Endless Pools® Fitness System

E500® 10 adults     457x226cm

starts at 42.995€
Endless Pools® Fitness System

E500® swim spa

Best Swim-in-Place Experience
Built-in Bluetooth
Music system
Underwater Treadmill (optional)
Tri-thermic™ Advanced Energy Efficiency
Ozone + UV
Water Treatment

Get results. Exhale. Share good times.

How much can you accomplish with just 4.5m of space? You’d be surprised! Welcome to the Endless Pools® Fitness Systems E500. It packs unlimited potential for fitness, swimming, family fun, and relaxation into one space-saving footprint.

The best swim-in-place experience

The Endless Pools® Swim Machine is a hydraulically-powered machine that produces a laminar current wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. The multiple conditioning grills smooth and redirect water, resulting in a turbulence-free swim.

The current pace is variable between 4:04/100 metres and 1:14/100 metres, remaining smooth even at full power.


Unique hydraulic underwater treadmill

The underwater treadmill is a great addition for low-impact run or walk options, without harsh joint and muscle pressure. For a more challenging workout, turn on the swim current to increase resistance against core, leg, and upper body muscle groups. The pace is variable between 0.8 to 8.9 km/h.


Bluetooth music system

Wireless entertainment adds another layer of enjoyment to your swim spa ownership experience. Stream music from your favourite apps (Spotify, iTunes Music, etc.) or use your own music library. The choice is yours with our easy-to-use sound system with Bluetooth wireless technology.
The sound system features a powerful amplifier and built-in subwoofer for increased volume and richer bass tones. Integrated 8-speaker sound system are built in the spa shell.


Built For Years of Use

Built on a 2 mm steel frame and ABS base pan, this is one of the most durable and reliable systems available. This standard feature provides superior support and protection from unreliable ground surfaces.

E500® swim spa

Specs & overhead

Seating capacity
10 adults
457 x 147 x 226 cm
Water capacity
6.570 litres
Dry weight
Filled weight*

* Filled weight includes water and 10 adults weighing 80 kg each.

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