Mallorca   4,50×2,20×1,00 m

starts at 24.995€


Fast Setup
100% recyclable
Chemical resistant
Salt Water Cleaning
Easy clean & maintenance
UV resistant

Poolins, medium plunge pools

Poolins mini pools offer the luxury and comfort of a traditional swimming pool, without the need for costly excavation or installation. The stylish contemporary structures are designed to sit on the surface and to blend perfectly into any surroundings, making them completely portable and adaptable.

Available exclusively from Aquapool Spas in Southern Spain, Poolins large plunge pools provide the enjoyment, health and wellness benefits of privacy
swimming pool, and at the same time create an impressive architectural
feature in your garden or terrace.

Personalise your mini pool

The soothing qualities water, sleek lines and tactile material your Poolins mini pool can be personalised to suit your specific needs. Choose from a range of complementary modules, including tables, sun loungers and steps allowing you to create a personalisation relaxation and comfort zone. Individual elements can be combined according to your space and requirements.

Create the perfect oasis within your private outdoor space.

High table

Long lounger

Low table

Short loungers


Technical Specs

Salt system
External measure (in m)
4,50 x 2,20 x 1,00
Sheet of water (in m)
3,25 x 1,95
Volume ( in m3)
Empty weight (in kg)
Net weight (in kg)
1,00 m

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