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Peak design and performance for whole-body wellness and family fun

Endless Pools® Swim Spas

Fitness & relaxation

Swim Spas are a pool and Spa all in one! Get the best of both in one compact package.

Easy setup & portable

Swim Spas are pre-built and ready to install - if you ever move, you can take it with you!

No paperwork

As opposed to normal pools, our swim Spas won't require a licence or building permit.

Energy efficient

With extremely low running costs our swim Spas can be used all year-round

Pros and Cons of a swimming pool vs a swim Spa

Why choose an Endless Pools Fitness System Swim Spa?

Swimming Pool

Convenience of swimming at home
Cost of excavation, building work, pumps
Townhall permission & pool registration
Strict legal regulation
Pool size limitations
Limited seasonal use

Swim Spa

Easy to install – no legal requirements
Swim as far (or as fast) as you want
Adjustable temperature
Relax & train – strong hydrotherapy jets
Portable – take your pool to your new home
Easy maintenance
Energy efficient – all year round use


Endless Pools® Fitness Systems

With our exclusive current technology and stunning design, our E-Series Spas deliver peak experiences for all, plus our exclusive treadmill option.


E-SERIES - Fitness Systems


10 adults      610x226cm
E-SERIES - Fitness Systems


10 adults      518x226cm
E-SERIES - Fitness Systems


10 adults      457x239cm
E-SERIES - Fitness Systems


10 adults      457x226cm


SwimCross® Exercise Systems

Engineered for fitness, dedicated to results. Our X-Series Spas combine performance excellence with our custom ribbon-flow resistance current.


X-SERIES - SwimCross


10 adults      610x226cm
X-SERIES - SwimCross


10 adults      457x226cm


RecSport® Recreation Systems

Value-priced for performance efficiency. We jam-packed our R-Series Spas with in-demand features to play, workout and swim.


R-SERIES - RecSport


10 adults      457x226cm
R-SERIES - RecSport


10 adults      366x226cm

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