Endless Pools® RecSport

R500® 10 adults     457x226cm

starts at 24.995€
Endless Pools® RecSport

R500® swim spa

Superior Swim-in-Place Experience
Hydromassage Seating
Built with solid durable frames
Exquisite Exterior Cabinets
Tri-thermic™ Advanced Energy Efficiency
Ozone + UV Water Treatment

More to love.

Enjoying all the physical and non-physical benefits of water is what RecSport® Recreation Systems are all about. With our most expansive recreation space yet, the unique design of the R500 maximises the interior space to provide a wide-open space, comfortable spa seating and a 75 cm deep reef area for kids to play.

Three Airless Swim Jets

Driven by one pump with multiple speeds, three swim jets provide a powerful and steady stream. The swim jets use a Venturi boost effect to draw in more water, multiplying the volume. This results in stronger resistance for exercise and recreation with less turbulence.


Exterior Cabinet

Designed for long-lasting durability with an attractive embossed pattern and available in Grey or Mocha, the Recsport® Recreation System will beautifully enhance any garden.


Solid Wood Frame and ABS Base Pan

RecSport Recreation Systems are built on a sturdy wood frame coupled with an ABS base pan that is built to withstand outdoor elements.

R500® swim spa

Specs & overhead

Seating capacity
10 adults
457 x 127 x 226 cm
Water capacity
6.757 litres
Dry weight
Filled weight*

* Filled weight includes water and 10 adults weighing 80 kg each.

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