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Integrated Music Systems

HotSpring® Spa hot tubs are designed to offer the ultimate relaxing experience while listening to your favourite music. When choosing your HotSpring® Spa hot tub, you can select a model that is ready for the installation of Bluetooth Music System. The HotSpring Highlife models and Limelight models all have the option of choosing integrated Bluetooth Music Systems.

Optional hot tub entertainment accessories

There are so many ways to enjoy audio entertainment with a Hot Spring spa. When you opt for a music-ready spa, you get built-in factory speakers. But if you want to, you can add a wireless Bluetooth® audio system, which allows you to connect your spa to your home entertainment system and other devices. Add a subwoofer, too, and you might never leave the water.

Connect your spa to other devices

On many spa models an optional Bluetooth® music system can be added for streaming from your device.

Here are some of the main features…

Integrated waterproof speakers (2 or 4 depending on the model)

Integrated subwoofer to power up the sound experience

Connect to your smart phone or tablet

Connect to other smart devices

If you would like to know more about HotSpring® Spa’s integrated music systems for hot tubs, get in touch or visit our Aquapool Spas showrooms.

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