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Hot Spring Spa App

Manage your hot tub the smart way

The Hot Spring® Spa App is designed to make your life easier, by allowing you to monitor and control your Spa remotely from your mobile. Powered by the Connected Spa Kit, the App provides a quick and easy way for you to remotely change settings, run water cleaning cycles, manage accessories, set up alerts and much more, at any time and from virtually anywhere.

Control, monitor and enjoy

If you are busy or you divide your time between homes, you can monitor your Spa (or multiple Spas) via your smartphone, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that everything is being managed correctly while you are away.

Spa ownership made simple

You can manage key spa functions remotely, such as jets, lighting and FreshWater® Salt Systems. It is also possible to monitor regular maintenance requirements and to source a local dealer to service your Spa. If for some reason you are unable to monitor your Spa, you can add guest users, such as a family member or maintenance professionals, who can help you keep your Spa hot and ready for your enjoyment.

Here are some of the main features…

Manage water temperature, jets and lighting

Monitor and adjust FreshWater® Salt System

Select audio inputs for entertainment options

Operate CoolZone™ system

Spa lock to limit unauthorised use

Maintain hot weather water temperature via summer timer

Run water cleaning cycle

Monitor and manage filters status service

If you would like to know more about HotSpring® Spa’s hot tub apps, get in touch or visit our Aquapool Spas showrooms.

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