You only weigh 7 kg in a hot tub!

When you are sitting in a hot tub, the natural buoyancy of the water supports approximately 90% of our weight! Even the fittest among us has a lot of weight on our joints.

Think of your feet and ankles.
They support almost all your body’s weight, every day – all day long.

Other joints are constantly in motion – your knees, elbows, wrists.

This is how buoyancy is helping you in a hot tub…

When you sit in a hot tub buoyancy decreases the effects of gravity. Your body weight is reduced by 75–90% with chest to neck level immersion.

This means : An individual who weighs 70 kg on land, will weight about 7 kg in neck deep water!

This is a major help to reduce strain on your joints!

You get a dynamic flexibility by “buoyancy”.

You help you body to relax as buoyancy decreases the amount of shock transmitted through your bones, joints, and ligaments compared with land activities.

Everyone will improve mobility while they are in a hot tub. The force of “buoyancy” assists in venous return. On land, the downward force of gravity pushes blood toward the feet.

The cardiovascular system works against gravity to return blood to the heart. In the water, the up-thrust of “buoyancy” counteracts the downward pull of gravity thus assisting with venous return.

This will contribute to lower exercise heart rates during thermal water activities!

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