Your blood pressure down in 20 minutes

If you are suffering from high blood pressure problems (and would like to do something that will help you naturally), then this post is for you!

Approximately 38% of the 45-54 year old people have high blood pressure.
And this percentage goes up with age.

Did you know that by soaking in a hot tub you can actually lower your blood pressure naturally?

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This is how your blood pressure is affected by a hot tub soak:

  1. When your body warms up, blood flow is increased.
  2. The warming of your blood causes your blood vessels to dilate.

THIS MEANS: your blood vessels actually expand, and make the blood circulation easier. Blood pressure is subsequently reduced – it takes as little as 20 minutes!

Does this mean that if you lived in a hot tub for the rest of your life, your blood pressure would be controlled?

Theoretically it does. But we also know this is not possible.

Realistically, you should use your hot tub at least 3 times per week, but most of our clients use it on a daily basis.

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