Myth: Buying a cheap hot tub will save you money

Value for money is important for everybody. Nobody wants to pay more than needed.

In fact all our clients are looking for a good deal.
Now we look at another myth that we are faced with on a regular basis.

Myth: Buying a cheap or used hot tub will save you money!

While buying second hand cars is big business – and often a much cheaper way to get a good quality product at a reduced price – the hot tub business is a different story.

If a second hand hot tub is from a manufacturer that has closed down, it can be a nightmare – if not impossible to get it repaired.

Spare parts like jet pumps and heating elements are NOT standard and will NOT fit all hot tubs.

So it can be very difficult, costly and sometimes impossible to repair a hot tub that does not have local service support.

FACT: Though buying a cheap hot tub may save you money up front, it is very likely you will be spending much more money than it’s worth in the future.

Typically, the cheaper or older the hot tub is, the lower quality the parts are.

This means that you will have to pay to replace the parts more often, spend more time and money cleaning your hot tub’s water and pay more to keep it operating.

When it comes down to buying a hot tub, a familiar phrase comes to mind: you get what you pay for.

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