Myth: A spa requires lots of maintenance

With 15 years experience in the hot tub business, we meet clients every day and listen to their obstacles when they are thinking of getting a hot tub in Spain.

One of the most common myths about hot tubs is that it requires a lot of maintenance and that it is more trouble than it’s worth.

If you think that a hot tub requires a lot of work, you are not alone. It’s an important concern that many hot tub owners initially have – would you like to know the facts? 

FACT: Keeping your hot tub clean is important, but it’s also easy to do!

An average client spends 2-5 minutes a week to maintain their hot tub! Approximately the same time you spend brushing your teeth – a day 🙂

Those 2-5 minutes are spent on checking water, and adding sanitizers like chlorine or bromine. (Once a month’s you will spend an extra 10 minutes cleaning the hot tub filters)

A hot tub always has the cover on when not in use. This is what protects the water and keeps maintenance low… and it is always included in the price!

So considering all the benefits you get from using your hot tub, the time investment is more than worth. That’s a promise.

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