A clean & comfortable spa

The ACE system uses a patented diamond electrode that creates active oxygen. Because cleaners are automatically generated from salt and water, spas with the ACE system lack the odour of chlorine and require fewer harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and eyes.

More natural
& feels better

Spend less time caring for your spa and more time creating memories.
The ACE system automatically generates chlorine and other cleaners for a set amount of time each day, based on your input. So the system is keeping your spa water clean, even when you haven’t given water care a thought.

Check out
how it works

Forget about the dry skin, irritated eyes, or chlorine odor.Using patented diamond technology, only the ACE system eliminates contaminants that impact water quality. With silky soft spa water that looks, feels and smells this good you will use your spa more often.

Watch this short video about how the ACE Salt Water system works