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reliable performance.

Relax and connect with your family

The roomy interior seats up to seven adults in a spa that fits comfortably on most patios. It includes a jetted foot pod with seven precision directional jets for a penetrating foot massage from every seat.

Limelight® Collection feature a variety of jets ranging from targeted Precision jets, to XL combination jets that soothe larger muscles. The perfect massage Limelight® Collection feature FiberCor® insulation, which is 4 times denser than standard 8 kg/m³ foam to lock in heat and reduce monthly energy costs. Super energy efficient Limelight® models offer easy-to-maintain water care systems, including the ACE salt water system you cannot find anywhere else. Cleaner water made easy No matter which model you select, you can count on superior quality, comprehensive warranties and outstanding customer care from Aquapool Spas. American quality - outstanding service From the dramatic shell details to the shiny chrome jets and multiple points of light, your Limelight Collection spa will surely turn heads. All new 2018 design HIGHLIFE FEATURES


7 adults


226 x 226 x 97 cm


1,685 litres


460 kg dry


Discover the perfect accessories for your spa.

ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing system

This innovative water care system makes water care extremely easy by creating powerful cleaners that keep spa water sparkling.

Hot tub cover lifters

Our cover lifters make it quick and easy to access your spa – so you will use it more often and keep your spa cover off the ground.

Entertainment systems

We offer a variety of entertainment options, so you can enjoy your favourite music and TV shows in the comfort of your spa.

Spa steps

Making it easy to climb in and out your spa, Hot Spring spa side stairs are designed to match your spa cabinet.

Limelight collection models

Compare other HotSpring Limelight models and find the best one for you.