Mini ® An investment in comfort
and relaxation.
FREEFLOW® COLLECTION starting at €2.995   2 SEATER  183x119cm

FreeFlow Mini

The two-person Mini fits perfectly on any balcony, patio, or master bedroom deck allowing you to quickly turn any space into a private oasis. Stretch out in the lounge seat or sit side-by-side with a partner, either way you will enjoy the 10 strategically placed jets and a removable accessory tray. Simply fill it with a nearby hose, plug it into any standard 220v outlet and enjoy!


2 adults


183 x 119 x 71 cm


454 litres


113kg dry

Save money and time with our Plug n' Play technology. Simply fill up your hot tub, plug it into any standard 220v outlet, and enjoy! Easy set-up Freeflow Spas are engineered to give you maximum performance while requiring less energy. Each spa is fully insulated with a spray-in foam for optimal heat retention. Low operating costs Freeflow Spas has hot tubs that can fit your terrace, including balconies and porches. We even have a triangular portable hot tub for corner spaces! Portable hot tubs you'll love No matter which model you select, you can count on superior quality, comprehensive warranties and outstanding customer care from Aquapool Spas. American quality - outstanding service Freeflow Spas are manufactured using rotational molding making them extremely durable and more affordable without losing the elegant appearance. New mould design HIGHLIFE FEATURES

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