Deliveries & installations

Nothing is impossible for us

We will always deliver your spa by crane, so we’ll visit your home to check what type of crane is needed. Most of the times it will be an easy job, lifting the spa over a fence or a wall, but we can also do the difficult deliveries over a house or even a tall building. We use everything from small cranes that can reach 6 meters, to larger ones that can reach up to 37 meters.

Every delivery is a challenge

Should we need even bigger cranes to do the very difficult deliveries, it’s still no problem for Aquapool Spas. We have delivered a spa to the 16th floor of a building in Torremolinos. This delivery required a 120 meter crane. We have also delivered a spa to a tall building behind another tall building. This spa delivery was in the centre of Marbella and required a 130 meter crane, we even had to block the street for half a day with permit from the local police and the town hall.