• Myth: A hot tub will increase my energy bill

    Yes, considering buying a spa sounds fantastic, but is it not too expensive to run?
    It definitely depends on which spa manufacturer you are looking at!

    Some spas are very expensive to run, and especially in Spain electricity is not cheap – at least not anymore!

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  • How are our HotSpring Hot Tubs Made?

    Have you ever wondered how a Hot Spring hot tub is made? Watch as we take you through our manufacturing facility located in Vista, CA. Get your questions about hot tub manufacturing answered.

    Watch to understand the heart of the best-selling hot tub brand worldwide, and the only hot tub manufacturer to build more than a million spas. Learn about the people and processes that make Hot Spring the global leader in hot tubs.

  • Myth: Buying a cheap hot tub will save you money

    Value for money is important for everybody. Nobody wants to pay more than needed.

    In fact all our clients are looking for a good deal.
    Now we look at another myth that we are faced with on a regular basis.
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  • Myth: A spa requires lots of maintenance

    With 15 years experience in the hot tub business, we meet clients every day and listen to their obstacles when they are thinking of getting a hot tub in Spain.

    One of the most common myths about hot tubs is that it requires a lot of maintenance and that it is more trouble than it’s worth.

    If you think that a hot tub requires a lot of work, you are not alone. It’s an important concern that many hot tub owners initially have – would you like to know the facts?  Continue Reading

  • You only weigh 7 kg in a hot tub!

    When you are sitting in a hot tub, the natural buoyancy of the water supports approximately 90% of our weight! Even the fittest among us has a lot of weight on our joints.

    Think of your feet and ankles.
    They support almost all your body’s weight, every day – all day long.

    Other joints are constantly in motion – your knees, elbows, wrists.

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  • Get your muscles warm 25 times faster!

    There is nothing worse than being so cold that you can hardly move.

    You feel that your whole body is paralyzed. So how can you get warm flexible muscles?

    Here you will learn how your muscles get warmer quicker when you are in hot water. Continue Reading

  • Your blood pressure down in 20 minutes

    If you are suffering from high blood pressure problems (and would like to do something that will help you naturally), then this post is for you!

    Approximately 38% of the 45-54 year old people have high blood pressure.
    And this percentage goes up with age.

    Did you know that by soaking in a hot tub you can actually lower your blood pressure naturally?

    Learn more on how to reduce your blood pressure…

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